Where Next?

So, after the initial month of Patterning and my presentation at FARM2014 (I may link the video but my talk was a disaster due to technical problems) there’s been a bit of a hiatus.

Nevertheless I’m back, working with Patterning, preparing for a project in December and working on the code.

Random Screenshot of Emacs

Patterning is going to undergo a certain amount of major restructuring. Largely because the project I’m working on right now, I need to be able to call into it from an ordinary Processing (Java) program in the Processing environment.

It seems absurd to try to include a copy of Quil (which wraps a copy of Processing) inside a JAR which will be included in a Processing project. So I’m taking the opportunity to clean things up a bit.

There will now be :

– A core Patterning project which is 99% written in cljx (so it can be compiled as Clojure for the JVM or ClojureScript for the browser.) This will have no Quil dependencies and simply create the data-structures representing the patterns and render them as SVG. You’ll be able to include this within Processing or any other Java program. Though you’ll have to write your own renderer for the pattern.

– A Patterning.Quil project which contains the wrapper around (and renderer in) Quil and is packaged with the Quil/Processing library.

– A Patterning.JS project : a javascript wrapper for developing in-browser apps. using the library. You can already show the SVG in a browser, but I may write a Canvas / webgl renderer too.

My priority currently is to have the Java version for use within Processing ready. Will hopefully be able to show results of that soon and make that version of the project available within the next week or so.

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